Ghost Crab On Pemba  Beach


Pemba is the northernmost of the two Spice Islands lying off the East African coast and is the world's major clove producer, although Pemba has now additionally adopted its more traditional role of being a Tanzania Safari island paradise with small inter-island trade. Pemba Island is a contrast to Zanzibar with lush valleys studded with paddy fields, twisting roads meandering up and down the hills and the smell of cloves lingering in the air.

The warm Indian Ocean waters surrounding Pemba Island are home to thousands of species of tropical fish and exotic marine life. Not only is Pemba renowned for its pristine and unspoilt coral reefs but also for its vertical coral cliffs which plummet to depths of more than 800 metres.


Best time: whole year but ideal period from September to March.
How to get there: 20 Minute Flight from Zanzibar 



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